Posted on August 25, 2011

Hard to believe that we are on week 32 of this 52 Fridays project.  I must admit, I am proud to have continued on with this and not missed a week.  I have a history of starting and stopping these projects.

What an exciting week that I had!  I traveled last Friday, along with another one of our group members (Robin) to Texas to participate in the Jinkyart Workshop.  This was a lifelong dream of mine and so super exciting!  We were in the middle of our first shoot Friday night when I started to think that our model looked familiar.  Her kids also looked familiar.  Just about that time, someone said her name out loud and it hit me!  It was Linsey from this blog circle.  Of course, I started screaming and made a complete fool of myself, but this was an added bonus to the workshop.  It was great to meet she and her family.  What a crazy coincidence that she happened to be our model- such a small world. I will try and post a photo of the three of us later in the week.  Still trying to get through all of those photos!

Anyways, back to the project.  Our theme this week was fruit.  Your favorite fruit? A color fruit? Maybe a fruit bowl of many different fruits!  Unfortunately, I spent the week thinking that the theme this week was food and not fruit.  Let’s just pretend that this is fruit.  It’s too late for me to change now.  It is food though and one of my favorites!

Please continue the blog circle and check out what Nancy Schumacher, Thompson, ND Photographer has to show us for fruit.

Posted on August 18, 2011

Our theme for our blog circle this week was “Back to School”.  What a perfect theme for our family this week, as we went back to school today!  Here are a few of the signs that our family is back at work!  Please continue the blog circle and head over to see what Robin Moore,  Cary, NC Photographer has to show us for Back to School!

Posted on August 12, 2011

Our theme this week is Discovery: What is something new you have discovered?  Maybe your children are discovering something new?  We just walked in the door from a fabulous vacation in Maine.  This was the first photo that popped in my mind for this theme.  We discovered lots of new stuff this week, but I especially love this photo!

Now head over to see what Nancy Schumacher, Thompson,ND Photographer has to show us for discovery!

Posted on August 9, 2011

I am so excited to tell you about a project I am participating in with some other photographers that I met in a workshop this year. On the 10th of each month, all of us will blog 10 pictures taken over the course of the day . After you view my photos I hope you will follow the circle and enjoy checking out the other  blogs.

The project is called Ten on 10, sharing ten images from one day, morning till night, on the 10th of each month. Just for fun.

I have to admit, this isn’t an average day in the Ames Family.  I choose a day that we spent on our last vacation of the summer.  We had a great mix of family and friends around that day, including one of our other Ten on 10 members!

Be sure to continue the fun and check out what Jenn Duguay  (aka the best darn canuck you will ever be lucky to know) has for her ten on 10.

Posted on August 5, 2011

Welcome to another post of the fifty-two fridays project.  This week our theme was indulgence.  What is your favorite indulgence, one thing you treat yourself to…  Easy, I admit that my favorite indulgence is travel.  I have been lucky to have had many great travels this year.   Right now, we happen to be indulging in Maine.  The boys and I are here for  a week with my family and are also lucky to visit with some great friends.  Today is only day 1, but here are some photos from our trip to Maine and our indulgence in dessert today- my favorite- peppermint ice -cream!

Now be sure to head over and see what Nancy in Thompson,ND has to show us for indulgence!

Photos property of Amy Ames Photography