Posted on September 30, 2011

Welcome to another week of 52 Fridays.  Can’t believe we are at week 37 already!  Time is flying.  Our theme this week was water.  I had something in mind that I planned to shoot this week, but have had a crazy busy week and was unable to get it done.  This is one of my favorites from the month. I took this while attending the Jinky Art workshop in Texas a few weeks ago.

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Posted on September 23, 2011

Thanks for joining me for another week of Fifty-Two Fridays.  Our theme this week is Color: What is your favorite color? Where do you show that it’s your favorite?  My favorite color is yellow.  I had planned all week to shoot some flowers that are planted outside my front door that are yellow.  Mother nature had other plans for me though and it has rained all week!  I did get together with another circle member (Robin) to help take some pictures of her family last week-end.  I helped plan their outfits and encouraged them to wear YELLOW.  This might be one of my favorite shots ever and I am sure it’s because they are wearing yellow and look so happy!

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Posted on September 15, 2011

Our theme for this week was to find something that glitters, sparkles or shines!  I know this is a stretch, but it does shine and sparkle to me.  I searched high and low for something that fit the theme this week, but didn’t want to follow the norm.  After a frustrating week,  I spent the morning with this perfect 9 day old baby today.  He was a great distraction to my yucky week and  I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed the sparkle of this little guy.

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Posted on September 9, 2011

Our theme for this week was Connection: What connection in your life do you adore?  This isn’t the best photo, but I can’t ever seem to get any perfect photos that show their connection- so this will have to do.  I hope they always are friends, share lots of laughs and always have one another to rely on.

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Posted on September 2, 2011

Week 33 of this Fifty-Two Fridays project brings us to Labor: What labor do you do?  A Mom has many labors.  It was hard to pick just one.  I have a job, I have a messy husband and a dog who eats my kids homework, but most importantly, I am a Mom!  That’s my Labor of Love.  My world revolves around my boys and their trials and tribulations.  This week marks our third week back in school.  I have to admit, it’s not going to be an easy year.  Fifth grade has brought much more homework and responsibility.  This is a good thing, but different from our easy, carefree summer.  Second grade has been a huge adjustment for my sweet little guy.  School doesn’t come easy for him and I am afraid that he takes after his Mom in spelling.  (I know that you guys see all of my spelling and grammar mistakes in my posts.)  We have spent hours this week on preparing for his spelling test.

He writes them on a dry erase board over and over again…

Does a spelling program on my iPad…

and he still doesn’t know them.  Anyone who knows my Cole knows this look of frustration.  Please wish us luck this year as we focus and labor on school!  Hope everyone has a great holiday week-end.  We plan to spend it at the pool!

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Posted on September 1, 2011

Two weeks ago I embarked on a remarkable journey. For  many years I have dreamed of going to the Jinky Art Workshop with Barb Uil, who travels to the US from Australia to teach the Jinky Art Workshop.  I traveled, along with 12 other gals, to the HOT HOT HOT state of Texas. We spent 3 days in a little town called Round Top- population of 90!!  I feel very blessed to have been fortunate enough to share this experience with this great group of gals.  Many new friendships were formed, lots of learning took place and  fun memories were made.  Just in case you don’t know who Barb is, you can check out her work here.  This will make you realize how exciting of a week-end we had.

Our week-end included 9 different shoots with different sets of families at all times of the day.  Of course we had beds in fields, horses and tubs of bubbles!  I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites!

Our first shoot was out in this field, under the tree.  What a gorgeous field and location for a shoot.

This was the adorable family that we shared our first night with.

Halfway through the shoot I realized that Linsey and I were actually in the Bloom P52  group together.  We had never met before and had no idea that we would both be at this photo shoot.  It was exciting to met Linsey and her family.  Imagine the surprise!!  Here is a shot of she, Robin and I.  The three of us have all been faithful 52 Fridays posters!  Excuse the fact that Robin and I were plain exhausted at this point. With a 6 am flight to Texas we had been going strong all day.  Oh, and then there is the fact that I look pregnant, (am not) and Linsey does not and she is!

Early Saturday morning we all traipsed out to another field and shot this adorable family.  As I said, no Jinky Art workshop is complete without a bed in a field and a nursing momma :)

I got lucky enough to capture this handsome daddy and his hat!

This little gal was one of the highlights of the week-end.  She loved the camera and was a natural at posing!

Next up was this little gal and her pink balloons.

Another one of my favorites was this adorable family.  The horses just topped off their shoot.

This is our group heading back up to the house after that session.

After an afternoon of learning, we headed out to this fun loving family.

…and then out to a field for a bathtub and bubbles!

Somewhere in the day we also met this adorable super hero…

who entertained us with his perfect personality.

Morgan loved this session so much that she decided to mimic it later that day!  A little out of focus, but I had to include this.

We all slept well that night.   I found this pomegranate tree while walking the property after breakfast Sunday morning.

Sunday morning we shoot these gorgeous high schoolers before several hours of class time with Barb.

Thank you Barb for a perfect week-end.  It was such a great experience that I will never forget.  Until we meet again…

Photos property of Amy Ames Photography