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What is Norwex?  Norwex is a company that has discovered the power of cleaning with just water.

Their signature product is the Enviro Cloth which is made of microfiber that is 1/200th the size of a human hair.  These microfibers are amazing at picking up everything that is left on your counter/floors/sink/etc.  Standard towels and cloths just push dirt and germs around, Norwex microfiber picks it up!

Not only does it pick up the ick from your surfaces, the cloth's micro silver antibacterial agent self-purifies, getting rid of all the germs so that you can use the cloth again the next day.  No smell, no germs, just clean!

Save Money:  You won't find yourself buying cleaners at the grocery store each week.  You also won't have to buy roll after roll of paper towel, or continue replacing nasty sponges or cloth towels. The Norwex Enviro Cloth pays for itself very quickly.

Improve Health:  You and your kids won't be breathing, touching, or accidentally ingesting chemicals because all you use is water.  Also, more dust and dirt are removed, reducing allergies and making your home a healthier place to live.

View the Norwex 2016 catalog HERE.

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